If things have gone wrong on your construction project, you need independent, expert advice fast. The longer a dispute lasts, the greater the negative impact it can have on your business operations. The impact may be cost, time and reputational.

When you need to resolve a dispute quickly, calmly and effectively we can help. BDAS’s reputation in finding solutions to even the most protracted contract disputes and construction claims, makes us the ideal partner when you need to settle a potentially damaging conflict and get your business back on track.

Our focus is always on resolving construction disputes rather than contriving unmeritorious claims or defending the indefensible. From the outset we make sure we have a clear understanding of your real objectives. Then, working with you, we establish a clear, commercially-driven strategy that will ensure the earliest possible settlement on the most advantageous terms.

Our extensive experience of securing successful results gives us a unique pool of knowledge and skills to draw upon. Our services include claim preparation and management, negotiation, alternative dispute resolution processes, and the provision of independent experts.

Where adjudication, litigation or arbitration is unavoidable, we have considerable experience of preparing in-house claims for clients using a combination of their existing staff and our claims consultants – utilising their knowledge of construction contract law, or as an integrated part of our clients’ legal teams, under the leadership of appointed solicitors or legal counsel.

BDAS offers genuine expertise in the independent assessment of construction cost claims and the analysis of the true causes of delay and disruption.

Having a top-notch claims consultant on your team gives you a tremendous advantage for success. The BDAS team consists of a team of experts who have contributed to the successful resolution of complex disputes throughout the country.

BDAS have offices in London, Hertfordshire and Manchester enabling them to provide building advice services and coverage to clients nationwide.


We provide highly developed expertise in the assessment and presentation of construction claims including the quantum of damages arising out of delay and disruption events or lost productivity in design and construction activities. The construction claims staff at BDAS utilise the most up to date programming tools and are experienced at identifying the viable heads of loss and/or damage and ensuring these are correctly supported by appropriate evidence.

We are well recognized for our expertise in all aspects of construction claim & dispute resolution, including:

  • Claims Consultants specialising in Extension of time analysis and delay claims
  • Labour productivity analysis and disruption claims
  • Facilitated negotiations
  • Expert Report Preparation
  • Expert Witness Reports
  • Construction Contract Claims Experts
  • Construction Law Experts
  • General Construction Claims
  • Construction Delay Claims
  • Construction Defect Claims
  • Disruption Claims
  • Contract Disputes
  • Document & e-document database retrieval & management
  • Trial ready graphics & demonstrative evidence
  • Mediation support
  • Adjudication advice and support
  • Arbitration advice and support
  • Litigation support
  • General advice on construction problems and building disputes and claims


BDAS’s chartered surveyors are both RICS and CIARB accredited and are experts in the analysis of the causes and effects of project delays.

Members of our team are experienced planners. They are able to interrogate and analyse project programmes from first principles. Our consultancy staff are skilled in the use of the full range of critical path analysis software packages.

A number of our senior consultants are also established experts in the field of programming and delay analysis. We have a comprehensive and up to the minute understanding of the case law surrounding delay analysis and the significance of the legal issues raised.


Should an extension of time claim be required, we aim to produce these with the end user in mind, e.g. if this is going to be an adjudicator, we will prepare (using outside expert planners) your claim using industry accepted methods but ensuring that it is as easy to follow as possible. This improves the success rate, understanding and acceptance of your claim by the adjudicator.


We are acknowledged leaders in the analysis of the causes and effects of project disruption and construction claims. We have successfully analysed contractors records and presented ‘measured mile’ affected productivity claims. We have also carried out extensive site recording for a large contractor who believed he had good grounds for a disruption claim; however following our analysis and investigation we were able to advise it of the real reason for its affected productivity – thereby enabling it to agree its final account and not be drawn into a likely unsuccessful dispute.


Jon regularly is appointed to manage the adjudication process for employers, main contractors and subcontractors. This can include preparing an appropriate referral documents and managing the process from start to finish, or preparing defences to adjudication submissions. BDAS’s adjudication consultants success rate in adjudications is 100%. Put simply BDAS can help you make the most of your entitlements.


Jon has been appointed as an expert on may occasions. From the outset he actively supports the investigation of the circumstances surrounding the claim to ensure the correct strategic decisions are taken. He can then adopt the role of expert and can give authoritative evidence to any court or tribunal.

Please contact us to find out how BDAS can help your organisation to resolve disputes. Whatever your construction problem we can help. We would be delighted to send you some more detailed case studies, or arrange an informal meeting with one of our specialists to show you some of our previous construction claims.