At a pre-contract stage, BDAS can give you advice as to which form of contract to use for your building project and also provides quantity surveyors on-site for your building project. Our quantity surveyors range from graduates to qualified professionals with over 30 years experience.

During this process we can undertake value-engineering solutions whereby various options relating to, for example, design, material, construction, procurement and programming are considered in order to provide optimum value without foregoing the project objectives.

Once a project has commenced, our on-site chartered quantity surveyors can administer the contractual and commercial procedures relating to payments, valuations, variations/change orders, notices and financial reporting.

On completion of a project our RICS chartered quantity surveyors will prepare the final account and implement a strategy to obtain an agreement by the Employer or Contractor.

BDAS’s chartered quantity surveyors are both RICS and CIARB accredited and are experts in quantity surveying.

Services provided include:

  • Value engineering
  • On-site preparing applications for payment.
  • Administration and evaluation of variations/change orders.
  • Ensuring you send out the correct periodic Payment notices and pay less notices each month.
  • Building & Civil Engineering Quantity Surveying
  • Mechanical & Electrical (M&E) quantity surveying
  • Preparation and agreement of final accounts.
  • Any necessary delay and extension of time claims.
  • Any impacted productivity or disruption claims.

BDAS also offer forensic quantity surveying services, to contractors and employers.This involves the detailed examination of all existing documentation, in order to establish the relevant facts, the actual cost and most importantly whether or not a party is has any entitlement to value.

The process provides comfort for the employer and can often assist decision making if claims are to be pursued, as the end result allows for claims to be quantified. We are then able to advise on the value in pursuing a claim – together with a comparison of the advantages (& disadvantages) of relevant dispute resolution proceedings, thereby enabling you to make an objective, informed choice as to whether to pursue or defend and claims for payment.

BDAS also have a large library on literature on the principles of quantity surveying and are cognisant of the starting point for any claim for additional reimbursement, is not actually the contractors tender, but what the contractor should have included in his tender in the first place.

We also have a large library of quantity surveying case law, relating to entitlement to reimbursement for contractors, this can be advised and provided to employers, thereby avoiding contentious and potentially protracted final account negotiations.

In keeping with the BDAS principle of providing high quality services at low cost, BDAS Chartered Quantity Surveyor rates start at £65 per hour.

Please contact us to arrange an informal meeting with one of our surveyors.